Believe it or not, the name given to me by my japanese mother and italian father is Mark Zero, so bear with it. Things you guys should know about me that i found very useless: . . . . . . . . I'm a Fine Arts (paintings major) and Music student(unclassified major), a despicable lead guitarist/vocalist on a surprisingly unknown band, unlicensed photographer, senseless blogger, illegal musician, soccer player. . . . . . . . Even if i only just weight 60kg (18 years old, 182cm). I have unimaginable appetite, i eat more often than i see my parents (travellers). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *The person who's talking above is in heaven now. i'm his bestfriend, the current person managing this and i don't OWN this blog, nor i don't have the rights to follow or unfollow anyone here, hope we could get along SCM Music Player - seamless music for your Website, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger.

As Nadine said, you guys are free to talk to us :)


Grom Gelato, Bleecker St by Arancia Project on Flickr.

Reeses Cake Batter Cold Stone by mooshee85 on Flickr.

Xai again here :)

It’s almost Christmas. I remembered that this was the month that I followed Mark and he thought me many things about here on tumblr :) It’s pretty hard to keep this blog maintained… Especially we’re not Mark. I just hope we do our job as best as we can :D

You know, you're free to talk to me whenever you want :) ↘


While I was cooking my brunch I suddenly remembered Mark again. 
The funny thing is, I remembered him telling me one day he’d cook me my one of my favourite food; eggs. And now I’m cooking my own eggs, haha.

Well, imma eat my eggs now, wish me luch.
This is me hoping I had Mark’s cooking skills lol 


Pound cake + Brie + Fig grilled cheese. Insanely decedent. Can you Even Imagine … Grilled Cheese Social

chocolate doughnut snowman: recipe here

It’s Nadine again

I’m in Babbu’s blog again.
Honestly, I just feel so lonely right now. I suddenly thought about him. It’s almost Christmas and it hurts to say that my stupid memory won’t remember what we did last Christmas. I hate it. I miss him so much and I just feel so lonely not talking to a Mark Zero. A very very very funny, naughty, awkward Mark Zero.

It’s like, I don’t even know what to do anymore whenever I think about him…I get crazy sometimes to think that he’s gone because sometimes it feels like we’re just not talking to each other. Like it’s just a normal day without talking to him but I know deep in my heart that he’s there; playing his music, doing random things with Tita Bes, taking photos, but he really isn’t. He’s gone. But it’s all a big blur to me, I still can’t face the truth sometimes. The truth’s a big slap in the face that just shocks me everytime.

I’m just so lonely right now, because by this usual time, Mark Zero’s the only person I can talk to. 

Remember when the owner of this blog, messaged ALL of his followers and the people he’s following one by one?

This is the product of His perseverance of teaching me how to play a piano. i’m a bassist so it can’t be helped, i like jazz and He helped me realize it.

This is my gift for Him and for myself


Hi dur babbu wherever you are. I miss you terribly, hey! by today you should be getting older but… you left. Look, the rain’s playing. Heh, I got sadder. Anyway, did I mention how happy I was that I met you? even for a short short while I was able to meet a person as true as you. Thank you for that. You know, the only thing I regret is the fact that I didn’t meet you earlier or the fact that I wasn’t able to talk to you always.
I miss your random feeler moments when you say you’re handsome haha. I miss the ninja unicorn. I miss the talks we used to have. My dramas and your ~iNsPirAti0NaL stories~ I miss all of those stuff, but I especially miss you.  

Happy Birthday be happy wherever you are. Because I am when you are.

ekskyos my voice please and the strumming. I was struggling with pain for repeating the cover over and over again. Huzzzz


Dance With my Father Cover…

Well, I’m sick and I don’t sound that quite well while singing. It’s hard for me to play and sing because of this stupid sickness… XD It’s my Deceased Tumblr Dad’s Birthday (black-star). Well, he’s still special for me so I did this for him XD  

Hey Dad, Happy Birthday :D Miss you T_T Kainis wala ka... pero okay lang alam kong masaya ka na ngaun :) I don't care if I'm sick I still made a cover even though it's hard to play and sing XD You're the only tumblr dad I love. :D