Believe it or not, the name given to me by my japanese mother and italian father is Mark Zero, so bear with it. Things you guys should know about me that i found very useless: . . . . . . . . I'm a Fine Arts (paintings major) and Music student(unclassified major), a despicable lead guitarist/vocalist on a surprisingly unknown band, unlicensed photographer, senseless blogger, illegal musician, soccer player. . . . . . . . Even if i only just weight 60kg (18 years old, 182cm). I have unimaginable appetite, i eat more often than i see my parents (travellers). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *The person who's talking above is in heaven now. i'm his bestfriend, the current person managing this and i don't OWN this blog, nor i don't have the rights to follow or unfollow anyone here, hope we could get along SCM Music Player - seamless music for your Website, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger.
Happy Birthday Kuya Mark :-D ~from your lil sister
Hey dur babbu, I miss you so much. Happy Birthday! Too bad you're not here. Sayang talaga, pero okay lang, I know you're still there to listen and to see me. Basta, happy birthday and I love you babbu. Gwapo ka pa din, I know haha

It’s our birthday on the 21st.

No big celebration, no party, no crowded people.

just us with a cake and three names on it.


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paris. (by hjartesmil)

Good Evening.

Hello everyone. I’m Xai, his tumblr son… I don’t have that much to say. I followed him because he usually posted/reblogged food. He was the first person I got close¬†to here on tumblr because he was the only one to whom I messaged to and we were kinda similar in some ways. After some time, 2 weeks after when he asked me to be his tumblr son, that’s the only time I learned about his sickness. I never got to message him because by that time we had no internet… When I was able to go online, I learned that he passed away. I cried when I heard about it and well, it was the week of my birthday so it as really hard for me to move on.

Well… That’s all I have to say. I’m here to help Nadine maintain this blog. :)

Chopin Etude op.25 no.12 by Marco Zanobi Bautista (twin brother of the owner of this blog.)

this is the result of a whole month 1on1 lessons with him.


i believe this was recorded on January 2007, we’re 14 years olds back then, that’s the first piano arrangement i made for HIM. HE insisted i should sing-along or else HE won’t play the piano. i guess i should be crying now, but i’m smiling right now.

This is BES but i’m not saying me and Marco are definitely back.

Tomorrow, Monday. Novermber 14, 2011 is the other twin’s piano recital. We decided on Chopin Etude Op.25 No.12, to be on the same forte with HIM, the person who enjoy’s playing the hardest piece without giving any effort. the piece HE should play was Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody Nr.2 (Gyron Cxiffa interpretation). Obviously, his twin is just new to piano so i think Chopin would be enough for him.

I think the spectators for tomorrow would be surprise for seeing him play such an easy piece.


For now, just bear with us for more further absence of posts.

I honestly encourage people to Submit posts here in Babbu’s blog.


So hello everyone. I’m Nadine, Mark’s tumblr daughter. For some reason, I’ve been kinda off around lately. Hmm I do not know what to say, so here goes a tale about me and babbu

Babbu was my co-thediarists. I forgot how I approached him or what I said that time, but we became friends immediately. At first I felt awkward with his messages because I was actually thinking “is he bored talking to me?” etc., and then we got a little bit comfortable with each other. Me messaging him became a habit. A DAILY HABIT. Our relationship wasn’t that close but eventually it did. After the jokes and other funny stuff we did, our relationship got deeper. I was able to tell him some problems. Those kids who bullied me at school, he shared a lot of things too. And I remember it so well, midnight and he told me to go to this blog and there I saw everything. Because of things I read there, I made a private post for him to read only. I told him everything I wanted to tell him. I was even actually crying as I was typing it. And then his condition got worse and then …it happened. I was so sad really but I can’t just keep crying, I know he won’t like that so yes.

Probably, the thing I’ll remember the most about us is those annoying stuff we do to each other. He’ll tell me he’s so handsome and I’ll tell him that LYING is bad and he’ll say the same. That time when he posted that random rainbow unicorn. I just miss him so much sometimes that its so easy to remember him by everybody…

Well I hope this opening post I did here won’t get you guys bored eh?
Talk to me too, I guess 

I need someone interested to manage this blog and other blogs inside it.

It’s not the term, giving away.

i need someone who’ll keep this alive while i face true life problems regarding him here.

Me and his brother are under-going in a huge battle which we don’t know when will end.

i hope you guys wouldn’t mind.

p.s. Even though you don’t get to meet this guy, even though you don’t know him and you just followed a few days ago. you can still manage this blog. just ask me

I felt His presence just now.

My mom’s a medium when she’s in college years and she confirms it to.

Mark is currently here, i’m just talking to him not minding his reply.

Be ready at your houses and dreams.

Pardom me if i can’t post anything besides His stocked pictures.

Me and Malco are currently facing some serious situations that’s hard to handle.

it’s too long for a post and i bet that you guys would be bored of it, so only the interested can ask me about it.

i’ll be frank with you guys. i’m forced to say everything that’s happening between me and Malco, have a reason for not posting a day, and so on and so forth.

it’s the request of the self-absorbed creepy idiotic friend of mine before he departed.

I heard from Domics that Mark died. What happened? :(

i’m just gonna say that you search it yourself in his blog. but since i think this ask is inhabiting this tumblr for about a day or more.

here’s the link.